The Future Looks Foggy

Extraordinary Effects Meet Improved Practicality with ADJ’s Forward-Thinking Fog Fury Series

Whatever the situation, DJs need to look good – damn good. You can be spinning the hottest tunes but if your set-up looks lackluster and your lighting effects don’t create the right mood then your audience are going to think that reflects on your personality too. One way of showing off your fixtures to their best possible potential is by using fog to enhance the atmosphere.

ADJ has released a brand new line of fog machines as part of the unique Fog Fury series and users will seriously notice the change that the new line brings to the game.

Users can choose from a range of models, varying in size and heater power – the 1000, 2000 and 3000 (+3000 WiFLY) models come with 650W, 1100W and 1600W heaters (respectively) – meaning, depending on your needs, these versatile machines can be used in a range of different sized venues.

Following the success of previous WiFLY products, such as the WiFLY Wash Bar, ADJ has extended the range by offering innovative wireless technology developments for the new Fog Fury series of fog machines. The Fog Fury 3000 WiFLY model contains in-built wireless technology, meaning the fixture is instantly compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY wireless DMX controllers. This WiFLY system allows users to operate the machine wirelessly, via DMX, eradicating the needs for wires, offering even more versatility in the positioning and operation of the Fog Fury unit.

At ADJ, we’re always striving towards innovation. So, what makes our new Fog Fury series so forward-thinking? Since our last series of fog machines, we’ve changed a number of things and added some unique features. For a start, we’ve equipped all of our Fog Fury series with Italian piston-action pumps, containing new, more reliable technology. These, combined with our new heater systems, have resulted in a much more powerful machine, serving to further enhance the product’s atmospheric capabilities.

“ADJ is always striving towards innovation and our new Fog Fury Series shows us achieving our goals,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA. “Due to our range of sizes, the Fog Fury machines can be used to create a unique atmosphere in any type of venue, and the new DMX controller-operated WiFLY technology means the 3000 WiFLY model is more versatile than any fog machine which has gone before.”

But we haven’t just thought about improving the product in terms of effects, we’ve thought about practicalities too. We know that our new in-tank LED indicator system will make your life much easier. An LED has been worked into the fluid tank and programmed it to show red when your tank is heating, stay green when you’re ready to go, and flash when your fog fluid is running low, enabling you to maintain that fog-enhanced atmosphere and never be caught out. Not only this, but we know what a drag it can be fiddling around with equipment in the dark, so the other key benefit of our Fog Fury series is the new ‘glowing tank’ – so if that LED starts flashing, you can see exactly what you’re doing as you re-fill.

The Fog Fury 2000, 3000 and 3000 WiFLY models are equipped with ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology to always maintain optimum heat levels with no warm-up times between fog blasts.

With the ease of use and operational practicalities offered by the new Fog Fury series, your mind can rest easy – leaving you to get in touch with your ‘foggy’ side and get creative. The new series allows users to create a unique atmosphere for their audiences whilst showing off their fixtures to their very best potential. Especially using ADJ F1L Premium and F4L Premium Fog Juice, the Fog Fury machines will provide a blanket of billowing clouds for your fixtures to cover with color, enhancing your lighting effects and creating an incredible atmosphere for your audience.

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