Put the Best In… Get the Best Out!

ADJ Enhances Fog Fury Series with Premium And Eco Fog Juice

To complement the new Fog Fury series, ADJ has launched a new series of fog juice.

Like any car, if you put the best juice in you will maximize its performance. The same is true of the fog fluid you put into your smoke machine and our premium-grade fluid has been specially formulated to get the most from your Fog Fury product. F1L and F4L Premium produces billowing clouds of white smoke when used with ADJ Fog Machines, resulting in increased visibility of the beams and colors released by your special effects lighting. This not only helps create an exciting club-like atmosphere but can also dramatically enhance your show.

Striving to include those of you who don’t own any of our Fog Fury series, our F1L and F4L Premium Fog Juice also works in other water-based fog machines. Though for the full atmosphere-capturing effect, we recommend pumping this premium juice through an ADJ Fog Fury product!

On a tighter budget? Check out ADJ’s F4L Eco, economy fog juice.

New Fog Juice Models:

• F1L Premium comes in a 1-Liter container

• F4L Premium comes in a 4-Liter container

• F1L Eco comes in a 4-Liter container

For more information Contact ADJ:
U.S. Office - Tel: 800-322-6337/+1-323-582-2650 • Web: www.adj.com