Tom Talks: In An Increasingly Expensive World There’s Still Value… If You Look Hard Enough!

The American Audio Value Series

If I cast my mind back far enough, I can remember some of the first DJ products I ever bought. If I’m truly honest, they weren’t great! Back then there was always a compromise; you could buy something great but it had a high price tag and if you didn’t spend the bucks then neither did the manufacturer, meaning your piece of equipment was hardly even fit for purpose.

Wow! Haven’t times changed? It’s out with the catch-22 and in with the value-for-money. If someone had told me a few years back that for $500 I could get a pair of quality speakers with in-built amplifiers and a DJ controller, I would’ve told them they were high!

‘Value’ is a word that can still be thrown around too casually, even these days. However, on this occasion, I think we can safely say that American Audio is your ‘value partner’. Seriously – our ELS range was specifically designed for the DJ Market and $500 will get you a pair of ELS15A speakers and our entry level ELMC-1 Controller.

A professional amplified speaker system, the ELS15A features a 15” Low Frequency Driver and Titanium High Frequency compression driver that provide exceptional clarity, as well as high power-handling capability and maximum efficiency. To keep the unit light and mobile, it’s also fitted with a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency switch mode power supply, with separate class A/B power amplifiers for hi and low frequencies. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag; the ELS15A has a rear panel crammed full of everything you will need, including microphone and line inputs with independent volume controls, tone control and master volume.

The whole ELS series is built around value, so if the ELS15A doesn’t fit the bill there’s probably another model that will. 10” and 12” alternatives are available as well as a Bluetooth equipped version of the 15A. There’s also the compact ELSPA10 which is an all-in-one portable PA system featuring two 10” speakers and 6-channel mixer with USB and SD card playback. This is perfect for small set and go rental jobs as well as for Mobile DJs looking for a simple and unobtrusive wedding ceremony sound system.

Our American Audio Value Series has been very well received so far. Being part of the series, the ELMC-1 MIDI controller was designed to deliver the basic features needed to get started in mixing, at a down-to-earth price. Like the rest of our Value Series, the ELMC-1 MIDI controller is a quality-driven, reliable product that gives you all of the essentials, without the extra bells and whistles. By foregoing the frills – which most people are unlikely to use anyway – we can offer a perfect starter-product at a very attractive price while maintaining a high level of quality. Another benefit of a stripped-back product is that it makes the controller easier to use – we’ve reduced clutter and confusion – especially for beginners. Not only this, but the ELMC-1 also comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software, meaning you can get started straight out of the box.

Before I go I just wanted to draw your attention to our HP550 Snow Headphones. I would like to say we created these for the Winter Olympics, but sadly not! They do look great though – I can see these pure-white headphones being both a must-have fashion accessory on the slopes and an essential DJ accessory in the booth. So make sure you check them out…

CPX-15A - The CPX-15A is a 500-Watt, 2-Way active speaker system and features a 15-inch woofer with a 75MM voice coil on the driver.

Until next time – happy mixing!

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