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With A Little Help from Your Friends…

Alfred discusses how ADJ’s extensive range of mobile-friendly light fixtures is changing the way you take your lightshow on the road, supplying you with compact solutions that often boast the versatility of 2-in-1 effects.

You’re playing a gig that isn’t so close to home, and it’s going to be a minimum three hour drive – and a lonely one at that. Your friends are in the truck with you, there are a whole load of them, but they don’t speak – in fact, they can’t speak. Despite the lack of room, you’ve managed to cram them in, because you know they’ll be there to support you when it’s time for you to deliver your set.

I am, as you may or may not have guessed, talking about ADJ’s mobile-friendly range of LED lighting solutions! We have a line of compact products that are perfect for taking on the road with you, many of which utilize 2-in-1 effects or more than one head, allowing you to save on space in the truck and save time when it comes to setting up your lightshow. The need to take things with us and do things quickly is just as important for the DJ industry as it is for any other line of work – even our daily lives outside of work have to be that way!

What got me onto thinking about this particular issue was the release of the Inno Pocket Spot Twins not so long ago. By taking all the best features of the Inno Pocket Spot and incorporating it into a dual-moving head fixture, we gave you guys a portable, 2-in-1 fixture that was perfect for taking on the road. Rather than using up vital space in the truck with two Inno Pocket Spots, you can take the compact Inno Pocket Spot Twins instead, giving you the scope to create double the amount of effects from a single source.

Of course, this would be of no use if the effects were anything less than excellent. So, by equipping it with a super-bright 12W source, flexible pan and tilt movement and independent color and GOBO wheels (offering seven colors, plus white, and seven GOBOs, plus spot) we ensured that you could generate new levels of pure lighting excitement for your audience while keeping your setup compact and portable.

Let’s be honest though: sometimes two heads just doesn’t cut it! In those situations where you need more effects, more coverage, or the ability to spotlight more tables, we have a range of solutions that offer not two but four heads! These range from barrel-mirror scanners to linear bar fixtures, including white and colored effects.

Weddings and other events where tables, décor and other special features, such as a wedding or birthday cake, might need to be emphasized may require pin-spotting, and it’s also an additional extra that you can offer your clients during consultations or even online bookings. Ideal for this purpose are the ADJ Event Bar DMX and Event Bar Pro, both of which utilize four heads and powerful white LEDs to create tight beams of light that can illuminate whatever features or areas you need them to. The Event Bar Pro, for example, features 10W white LEDs and a 3°beam angle, making for super-tight beams of striking white light. You can also control the movement for each individual head using DMX, so you can point them in different directions, whether you’re spotting tables or emphasizing the décor. With a range of built-in programs and control over strobing and dimming for each separate head, you could also use the Event Bar Pro to provide active beam effects for the dance-floor. Both the Event Bar DMX and Event Bar Pro are compact all-in-one packages that can be taken on the road for a whole range of events, allowing you to produce effective pin-spotting and atmosphere-enhancing white beam effects wherever you go.

I know what you’re thinking now… What if I don’t want to use white? Well, the ADJ range also contains multi-head and multi-effect fixtures that offer incredible movement and color. The Event Bar Q4, for example, offers the same multi-head flexibility as the Event Bar DMX and Event Bar Pro, but with added color thanks to quad-LED light sources. While we’re on the subject of bar fixtures, the Dotz TPar System is a favorable and highly effective color wash solution that utilizes four tri-color COB LED par cans, conveniently mounted on a single bar. Ideal for use in small or mid-size venues, you can incorporate the Dotz TPar System as part of your mobile setup, using it to wash dance-floors, walls and seating areas in vibrant, smoothly-mixed color, to create unique, eye-catching pixel-mapped effects, or to add intense strobing to generate a high-energy atmosphere for your guests. Using just one or two, you could wash a substantial area with vibrant color, saving you from wasting money and space on separate par cans and wash effects.

A similar package to the Dotz TPar System is the LS-60A – a portable lighting system that utilizes four par cans equipped with 150W bulbs, offering bright wide-angle light output that can be enhanced using the included green, blue, red and yellow color gels. It may seem old-school, but this is a highly effective all-in-one package that you can operate with the included foot controller, giving you control over chase programs and blackout while your hands are free to work some magic on the decks! With an LTS-6 tripod stand also included, this really is a one-stop, compact package that is especially ideal if you’re just starting out as a mobile DJ.

If you’re looking for effects with a little more energy and excitement to them, then two that spring to mind are the Quad Scan Pro and the Zipper. Both manage to fit four scanners into one compact unit, allowing you to create an array of dazzling effects from one portable and simple-to-use fixture.

The Quad Scan Pro utilizes four mirrors, which reflect the powerful beams from four 10W quad-color LEDs, allowing them to shoot through the venue, reaching every corner. It’s flexible too; you could use the energetic strobe effects and scattering beams to hype the crowd at the start of a gig, or slow things down and create more of a subdued atmosphere by creating luscious blues and purples.

Similarly, the Zipper is a highly portable fixture that utilizes four barrel-mirror scanners, four 8W LEDs (one red, one green, one blue, one white) and 16 built-in shows. Its barrels send these RGBW beams spinning across the venue and gliding through the air, looking especially effective when your fog or haze machines are up and running too. Covering a wide area, this compact fixture will send its effects to every corner of the room, allowing you to create a spellbinding lighting display that will fill small to mid-size venues with color and movement.

If four heads, or scanners, or par cans weren’t enough, and you want to add a serious amount of light to your mobile setup, then the ADJ Octobeam RGBW may just be the fixture you’re looking for! An impressive eight-head beam effect, the Octobeam RGBW utilizes eight LEDs, two red, two green, two blue and two white, as well as a super-tight 3.4° beam angle, to project an extraordinary array of concise color beams. What’s more, you can hang it horizontally, for cross-room effects, or vertically, for downwards-facing beams that will bring your dance-floor to life. With pulse/strobe effects and electronic dimming, you can easily create an intense, flashing display, or change things up with some gradually brightening beams that slowly illuminate the dance-floor or venue.

We’ve also made the Octobeam RGBW available in an all-white version, the Octobeam WW, which generates a blinding, super-bright lightshow using its 3W warm-white LEDs. On both versions of the Octobeam, you can individually control the dimming and strobe effects for each head, giving you increased control and flexibility, while the direction of each heads can be manually adjusted.

So, there you have it: a whole host of ways to increase the impact of your lightshow and create something special for your audiences, without having to use up valuable space in your truck or spend big bucks on separate fixtures. In fact, if you combined just four of the solutions I’ve mentioned I’d safely say you’d have enough effects to bring pure lighting excitement to any venue you’re likely to encounter as a mobile performer, and certainly enough to create an unforgettable dance-floor atmosphere for your guests.t.

Your friends are supposed to be there when you need them, but this range of mobile-friendly fixtures will provide the only helping hands you need! Forward-thinking lighting solutions that are not only flexible and affordable, but compact too, these are the perfect products to take on the road with you as part of your mobile

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