A Forceful New Fusion!

Building on the success of the Pocket Series so far, the new ADJ Inno Pocket Fusion is a versatile fixture that fuses super-bright beam of color with intense laser effects to generate out-of-this-world dual-effects from one compact source.

Our Pocket Series is something we’re incredibly proud of, which is why we’re continuing to add to the series, offering you more compact but powerful LED effects without the unnecessarily large price tag! Our latest addition to the range is the very “mobile friendly” Inno Pocket Fusion – a versatile new fixture that not only provides two effects from one compact source, but fuses them together to create something truly unique.

The Inno Pocket Fusion is a dual-effect, barrel-mirrored scanner that produces truly unique results. What makes it so special is that it infuses LED beams with intense laser effects. This fusion of effects lets you craft mesmeric, high-impact lightshows that generate pure lighting excitement for your audiences.

To come up with the Pocket Fusion, we’ve built upon the rotating barrel-mirror effects of the Inno Pocket Roll, combining a powerful 12W white LED source with eight fixed colors (plus white) and a tight 5-degree beam angle to create a lighting solution that produces concise beams of color and embellishes these effects with a super-charged 4.9mW green laser. With this winning combination at your fingertips you can produce stunning dual effects from a single source, eradicating the need to take extra fixtures with you on the road (helpful if you’re a mobile DJ, touring band or stage act) or install an unnecessary number of units in your venue (ideal if you’re a lighting designer and installer working with limited space).

If you’re seeking even more creative freedom, you can make the most of the Dotz 3.3’s ArtNet/KlingNet compatibility, which allows you to project low-resolution video content across the COB LEDs using control solutions such as Arkaos Media Master Express and Media Master Pro (sold separately). Adding to the versatility of the Illusion Dotz 3.3 as a multi-purpose effect, these video-mapping capabilities give you the scope to create experimental and highly distinctive visual effects, which can provide the perfect backdrop for your events, stage productions and musical performances.

Other key elements of the Inno Pocket Fusion are its rapid X/Y mirror movement and high-quality stepper motors, which not only allow the ultra-bright LED and laser effects to be multiplied, but also enable precise positioning and versatile, distinctive movements. This lets you project an array of laser-infused color beams that fill the venue; shooting through the air and scattering the dance-floor with color. If you’re a mobile DJ, or the owner of a small club, bar or entertainment center, these unique movements and powerful laser-infused effects enable you to produce a club atmosphere for your guests – something increasingly important when catering to younger audiences and clubbers. This is where the Pocket Fusion’s pulse and strobe settings can work wonders too; adding excitement and intensity to the already eye-catching effects.

As you may expect from an Inno Pocket series product, you have a choice between three operational modes when it comes to using the Inno Pocket Fusion. In Show Mode, you have access to 12 super-effective in-built programs, while using the additional pan/tilt inversion settings will generate an eye-catching lightshow in which multiple Pocket Fusions mirror each other’s movements. You can also select any of these sensational built-in programs while in Sound Active Mode, with the effects twisting and flashing in time to music, using accurate, fluid movements enabled by the Pocket Fusion’s stepper motors. If you really want to get inventive, however, extensive control is offered by the DMX Mode, which gives you increased flexibility and wider creative scope, allowing you to tailor your lightshow to the event or venue you’re working.

For a fourth and final control option, you can always get your hands on the separately-sold ADJ UC IR remote, which allows you to wirelessly select full on, stand-by, Sound Active on/off and laser on/off, as well as adjust settings for strobe, color change and dimming. As a DJ, entertainer or member of a production company, you may well want to control the Pocket Fusion from the booth, the stage or the rear of a venue, and with this wireless option you can conveniently select and adjust elementary features from a distance of up to 30ft.

On the rear of the Inno Pocket Fusion you’ll find 3-pin DMX in/out connections, allowing you to DMX-link multiple fixtures for a more extensive lightshow, while a simple master/slave configuration can also be used for synchronized results. Also fitted on the rear panel are in/out IEC connections, so you can daisy-chain the power for multiple Pocket Fusions. So, no matter how you want to use the Inno Pocket Fusion and whether you’re using two or more, these connections can help you take your lightshow to the next level. Versatility is also offered thanks to the inclusion of a hanging yoke and safety loop, which enables you to mount the fixture just about any way you like – above dance-floors, stages, bars, roller rinks and bowling alleys – without compromising the safety of your guests or the protection of the light itself.

Compact, lightweight (7.5 lbs. / 3.4kg.), versatile and affordable, the Inno Pocket Fusion not only lets you create distinct laser-infused dual-effects, but also lives up to the core values of our Inno Pocket range. While other fixtures on the market have included both LED lighting and laser effects, the Inno Pocket Fusion takes things a step further by combining the two; giving you a forward-thinking way to bring pure lighting excitement to your lightshows, without having to pay top dollar.

The ADJ Inno Pocket Fusion is available now from ADJ USA & late April 2015 from ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the Inno Pocket Fusion, visit: http://www.adj.com/inno-pocket-fusion

Check out the product demo video for the Inno Pocket Fusion:

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