Arabic Ambience in Dubai

The opening of a new nightclub inside the luxury Hues Boutique Hotel in Dubai saw the team behind the project opting for ADJ; choosing from our extensive range in order to create a lighting display of refined style – perfectly suited to the modern décor, Arabic cuisine and Middle Eastern ambience offered by the club.

Known for its landscape-piercing skyscrapers, luxury hotels and impressively detailed sand structures, Dubai is one of the most lavish – and therefore expensive – cities in the world. Though neither skyscraper nor sand structure, the award-winning Hues Boutique Hotel is nonetheless a modern, elegant establishment. When the hotel’s management opened a new nightclub – the Samarkhana Khaleeji Club – on the ground floor, they opted for an ADJ lightshow that optimized the hotel’s simple-but-sophisticated style.

Being an intimate club that accommodates roughly 150 people, the team at Samarkhana Khaleeji didn’t want a lightshow that was over the top or needlessly extravagant. Instead, mainly because the club doubles as both music venue and restaurant, they wanted the lightshow to cover the dance-floor only, leaving the seating areas around the venue untouched. As such, the setup consisted of four Inno Spot Pros, four 64B LED Pros, one Aggressor HEX LED, and a Royal 3D.

Of these ADJ fixtures, management was most impressed with the Inno Spot Pro, the compact design of which enabled them to solve the issue of the venue’s low ceiling. A versatile moving head fixture with a powerful 80W LED source, the Inno Spot Pro adds color and movement to the club with its rotating, replaceable GOBOs and range of eight colors (plus white). Lightweight and compact, the team was able to mount the fixtures above the dance-floor, despite the low ceiling, to provide powerful color beam effects for guests. While the Inno Spot Pros create movement on the dance-floor, four 64B LED Pro par cans were also fitted, bathing the area in bright, smoothly mixed RGB color washes.

Providing further effects, the Royal 3D laser and Aggressor HEX LED were also used. A classic derby effect with a twist, the Aggressor HEX LED utilizes two powerful 12W hex-LEDs (RGBCAW) and an effective Sound Active mode, generating 60 beams in a range of custom colors. Capable of projecting an array of beams that move in time to the ambient music played by DJs inside the Samarkhana Khaleeji Club, just one Aggressor HEX LED was required. This intimacy was the same reason only a single Royal 3D laser was needed to fill the dance-floor with vibrant green and blue laser effects; adding intensity to the lightshow and creating pure lighting excitement on the dance-floor.

The advantages of these products are clear, with the team at Samarkhana Khaleeji choosing them for their flexibility, power and, in many cases, their compactness. But why go for ADJ in the first place? Well, because we provided the venue with the full package; from our ADJ moving heads, lasers, par cans and derbies to our Duratruss trussing solutions and American Audio line.

It seems this mix has worked wonders for the exciting new club, with customers reacting positively to both the lightshow and the venue itself; describing it as “neat” and “classy.” Hosting live Lebanese singers and a mix of DJs playing international and Arabic remixes, Samarkhana Khaleeji now has a lightshow to match its stylish sophistication and modern clientele. Meanwhile, away from the ADJ-lit dance-floor, the venue harnesses further appeal by serving North African snacks and Arabic tapas, as well as its signature crystal glass shisha.

Pleasantly surprised by the compact power of the Inno Spot Pro, the team behind the Samarkhana Khaleeji Club soon found that ADJ held the key to creating a lightshow suited to their intimate but elegant venue. With laser effects and immersive washes to back it up, the club now offers a dance-floor area in which guests can enjoy some of the best live music and dance to some of the hottest DJs spinning both international and Arabic music. Providing the trussing and audio equipment alongside this unbeatable ADJ lighting display, it was awesome to see our products used internationally by an award-winning hotel in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Venue: Hues Boutique Hotel (UAE's Luxury Boutique Hotel Award Winner)

Gear List:
Inno Spot Pro (x 4)
64B LED Pro (x 4)
Aggressor HEX LED (x 1)
Royal 3D Laser (x 1)

Dealer: Echo Beats, Duhai

Installer: Samarkhana Khaleeji Club technical team (with ADJ support)

Photo/Video: Samarkhana Khaleeji Club

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