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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A compact alternative to bulky deck stands, Tom takes a look at how ADJ’s Event Facade TT can keep your setup tidy, save you space and provide a memorable visual feature for your audience.

Many of you will remember the days when DJs didn’t even have to think about taking a table or stand to their gigs. Often, you’d get what you were given; a table in the corner, or possibly on a stage. These days, however, we’ve come a long way from sticking equipment on a table and getting on with it! Over the years, we’ve seen the introduction of deck stands and a continual improvement of such solutions across the industry.

This trend for deck stands and evermore-stylish DJ booths was, perhaps, a direct result of the professionalization of our industry. As we’ve become more professional, we’ve become more aware than ever of how we look. Whether you’re a lighting user, audio aficionado, or both, you’ll all be aware of the role that your image plays in how people, especially your party guests and future clients, perceive you. In other words, your DMX lightshow could be the best in the world and your speakers may well be capable of blowing the roof off Madison Square Garden, but if your setup looks messy, all your guests will see is an unprofessional DJ. Image is more essential now that it’s ever been. In fact, it’s a requirement. And you can bet your bottom dollar that your clients see it that way too.

Whether you think this is fair or not is a different matter. But, either way, there is a simple new product now available that can hide all of those wires sticking out the back of your laptop and curling up behind your mixer. It’s a compact and quick to set up solution called the ADJ Event Facade TT – the smaller, table-top equivalent of the popular Event Facade – which is composed of a black frame and stretched scrim material – with a choice of white or black scrim.

With compact measurements, you can set up the Event Facade TT on top of a six or eight foot table, while its lightweight but strong metal frame includes detachable hinges, so you can easily store it away and transport it in the included carrying bag. What I love about the Event Facade TT is that, on one hand, it’s a new way to keep your setup tidy, but on the other, it almost lets you get back to basics, as a simple screen that sits on top of the booth to conceal your gear.

Now, I may have mentioned the development of deck stands, but what I didn’t mention was just how bulky and impractical they can be! Deck stands often require bigger transport, and then there’s the problem of space when you get inside the venue. If there is no space for the deck stand, you may be given a table by the venue anyway. And what better way to utilize the table than using the Event Facade TT? Drape the table, place your Event Facade TT on top, and voila, you have yourself a deck stand.

So, you see, in a way the Event Facade TT takes us back to those early gigs where you couldn’t fit a table or stand of your own in your station wagon. Just arrive at the venue, ask for a table and take the quick and easy option of adding your Facade, resulting in an elegant booth that requires less effort and less equipment to build. Due to its aforementioned foldable frame and low weight of just 2lbs, the Event Facade TT is highly compact and will easily tuck behind the seat of your car or truck, allowing you to save on valuable space and carry more audio or lighting gear.

OK, so now your untidy setup is all cleaned up. All the guests can see is a professional looking scrim stretched across a black frame, and a well-dressed DJ standing behind it spinning some of the hottest tracks around, not a stray wire in sight! And this is where the added bonus of the Event Facade TT comes in: the ability to light the Facade from behind for a sleek, glowing-scrim effect that can generate pure lighting excitement for your crowd. Once the Facade is lit from behind, you can create something with far more impact than just white scrim. Animated with incredible color changes, the screen will quickly capture the attention and imagination of your guests, while simultaneously hiding away your setup.

What fixture to use, though? Well, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 from ADJ works incredibly well for lighting the Event Facade TT. There is space for two Ultra Hex Bar 12s behind the screen, allowing you to light the full length of scrim, using the fixture’s super-wide 40° beam angle and powerful 10W hex-color LEDs to create mesmeric UV-infused color effects that illuminate the Facade and create a truly unique display for you to DJ behind.

The Event Facade TT isn’t just for DJs. It’s also a great “eye sore saver” for production companies, churches and nightclubs to hide their portable lighting desks or front of house equipment. Inside the box you’ll get a carrying case for your facade, plus white scrim and black scrim. That way you can change out your scrim depending on the event.

Back to basics, in some ways, but in other ways a progressive step forward in aesthetic terms, the Event Facade TT is certainly a versatile, compact and affordable way to conceal your setup in a professional manner. But I think the real icing on the cake is that while you’re keeping those pesky wires tucked away from prying eyes, it also allows you to create an event-enhancing visual motif for your clients and their guests – something bound to leave a lasting (positive) impression.

The Event Facade TT is available early March 2015 form ADJ USA & ADJ Europe.

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- Tom Freret is the National Sales Manager of American Audio  

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