Ultimate Flexibility: Extra Hex, More Flex

A linear bar fixture with double the LEDs and double the impact of the popular Ultra Hex Bar 6, ADJ’s new Ultra Hex Bar 12, 1-meter Linear fixture, will breathe life into your lightshow, delivering widespread washes of UV-infused color and highly effective up-lighting and/or down-lighting effects.

Looking to offer something with wider scope and more impact than the Ultra Hex Bar 6, our Ultra Hex Bar 12, 1-meter Linear fixture, utilizes an extra six LEDs, makes the most of a super-wide beam angle, and offers you various control options. Throwing all of this together gives you an LED bar fixture like no other: one that delivers UV-instilled color washes of unrivaled reach and vibrancy.

We’ve fitted this new linear wash effect with double the number of 10W hex-color (RGBAW+UV) LEDs found in the Ultra Hex Bar 6. And when you combine this with the unit’s impressive 40-degree beam angle, you get more power, more coverage, and the ability to generate potent, all-encompassing washes of smoothly-mixed color, soaked in UV for that added special touch.

This capacity for custom-crafted color can be utilized for a number of applications. Aside from allowing you to produce beautiful shades of color – including purples, oranges, pinks and other hard-to-reach blends – these hex-LEDs let you recreate varying temperatures of white, from warm halogen type whites to cold, discharge lamp-style hues. So, whether you need vibrant color or immersive white washes, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 will let you tailor the color to suit your preferences.

This is where the UV also proves fruitful; giving you the ability to submerge entire areas in the type of luminous UV washes that are popular with young audiences and club goers across the globe. Of course, you aren’t limited to UV; color can be incorporated too, letting you produce colored lighting emphasized by UV for a distinct and highly effective end result. Your glow parties, dance-floors, roller rinks and bowling alleys will all look incredible under the radiant spell of a UV-infused wash!

Something unique to the Ultra Hex Bar 12 is the special cover that we’ve fitted it with. Not only does this cover protect the unit while you’re in transit (great for all of you mobile DJs, touring bands and other entertainers on the move) but it also regulates the beam angle and shields the light sources from the eyes of your guests – both things which you’ll find incredibly useful when you’re using the Ultra Hex Bar 12 for up-lighting.

In fact, this brings us on to why the Ultra Hex Bar 12 really is the ultimate LED bar fixture; because aside from its capacity for far-reaching UV infused color washes, it has also been designed as a highly effective up-lighting unit. Whether you want static up-lighting or the eye-catching effects of the unit’s in-built programs, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 utilizes 63 built-in color macros and the smooth color-mixing capability of its hex-LEDs to create atmospheric up-lighting that can be further enhanced with UV. So, if you’re a DJ who works weddings, or a venue manager looking to add something special to the bar or seating area, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 is the definitive option for up-lighting – or indeed down-lighting – walls, DJ booths, bars, stages, truss and decor in uniquely-crafted color.

Much like our 5P Hex, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 benefits from flexible positioning enabled by its mounting brackets and flat linear design. Using the brackets, you can fix the unit onto walls or ceilings for far-reaching overhead effects, immersing your audiences in vibrant color washes from above. Alternatively, you can lay the Ultra Hex Bar 12 flat on the ground for low, upward-facing washes to effectively up-light walls, bars, stages and décor, or for lighting your ADJ Facade to achieve a sleek glowing scrim effect. However you decide to position it, we’ve also equipped the Ultra Hex Bar 12 with five selectable dimming curves, so whether you’re emphasizing architecture, lighting a stage, or working with a videographer or TV production team, you’ll have an option that suits the type of event or venue that you’re lighting.

The Ultra Hex Bar 12 gives you access to an abundant range of six operational modes: Auto Run, Program, Sound Active, RGBWA+UV Dimmer, Static Color and DMX. Using the DMX-Controlled mode, you’ll find you have a choice of five channel modes: 6, 7, 8, 12 and 18, which can be selected from the unit’s four-button control panel. With 3-pin DMX in/out connections on the rear, you can link multiple Ultra Hex Bar 12s, allowing you to maintain detailed control over numerous fixtures for a more extensive lightshow.

For a bar fixture of this power and scope, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 6lbs. If you’re a mobile DJ, touring band or entertainer, this low weight and compactness (41.75 x 2.5 x 3.75in) make it incredibly easy to take multiple Ultra Hex Bar 12s on the road with you, as well as saving you unnecessary effort when it comes to loading and unloading the fixtures. Further convenience is offered by the units IEC connections, which enable you to daisy-chain the power for multiple fixtures, reducing the need for extensive wiring and allowing a shorter setup and tear-down time.

Whether you want to create stunning washes that submerge your audience in vibrant swathes of customized color, or adorn your events with understated but effective up-lighting for a sleek and stylish feel, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 will provide. What’s more, with its 6-in-1 LEDs, you can embellish these effects with UV and create your own custom colors, allowing you to produce a unique atmosphere for your guests – whether they’re young party animals looking for a club-style atmosphere on the dance-floor, or more sophisticated clientele that will appreciate a venue with its décor and features highlighted.

The Ultra Hex Bar 12, with it’s vibrant output and flexible HEX LED, is also a great fit for indoor applications such as stages, theaters, fun centers and worship sanctuaries.

Lightweight, versatile and more powerful than our previous LED bar fixtures, the Ultra Hex Bar 12 is a forward-thinking product that enables you to generate new levels of pure lighting excitement for your audiences, without having to break the bank.

The ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 12 is expected in late April from ADJ USA & ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the Ultra Hex Bar 12, visit: http://www.adj.com/ultra-hex-bar-12

Get a look at the ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 12 from Brian S. Redd’s visit to NAMM 2015:

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