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On Top Of Your Game At Any Age (The Tale Of Two DJs)!

This month I’d like to talk about age limits for DJs. Let’s face it, the persona of a DJ is usually thought of by the general public as a male in their 20’s or 30’s. Professional DJs continue to get older and brides and grooms continue to get younger. How do we stay relevant as this age gap continues to widen? I’d like to share my thoughts about this dilemma.

But first of all, let me tell you a tale about two very different DJs.

DJ Fuddy Duddy is 45 years old. He still plays CDs from music from the 70’s to 90’s. He doesn’t know any new music. Can’t stand today’s Hip Hop or Top 40. He still uses the same two halogen lights he bought in 1995. He loves being the center of attention and only plays what he wants and never takes requests. He’s thinking about making a one page web site. And, he only advertises in the yellow pages and the local newspaper. He refuses to meet with clients before a gig. DJ Fuddy Duddy has no business cards, only gigs about 6 times a year for friends and family, and doesn’t charge much for his services.

Then there's DJ Evergreen. DJ Evergreen is also 45 years old. He loves all styles of music from the 1950Õs to present. HeÕs knowledgeable about the latest EDM artists, Hip Hop jams and the most requested top 40 tracks. He was playing ÒCall Me MaybeÓ from Carly Rae Jepson the first week it came out by downloading the track from Promo OnlyÕs Pool. HeÕs using a laptop and a fairly new DJ controller. He is an an extrovert, but puts his clients in the spotlight. DJ Evergreen has a fantastic web site, he advertises on Google and is active on all the latest social media platforms. DJ Evergreen uses the latest lighting trends from uplighting, to monogramming, to spotlighting cakes. He meets at least once (sometimes twice) with each client, has a sharp looking business card, and is booked solid almost every weekend of the year.

What’s the difference? Well, first of all DJ Fuddy Duddy is set in his ways, doesn’t try any new techniques and doesn’t really enjoy DJing all that much. He isn’t very personable to his clients. He feels an obligation to play for family since he owns some DJ gear.

DJ Evergreen is constantly evolving. He’s interested in DJ, music and entertainment culture. He meets with brides and grooms to find out what they want at their wedding. He takes their suggestions and evolves his business to the times. His knowledge about reading the crowd. Knowing what song to play next is evident from his ability to keep a dance floor, entertain his guests and get repeat clients. He loves what he does. He attends DJ related trade shows and work shops whenever he can. He’d even DJ for free if it came right down to it!

So, who are you…DJ Fuddy Duddy or DJ Evergreen?

Here’s the moral of the story. Being a DJing is timeless. If you have the right attitude, love what you do, and put your clients first, it really doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 75…male or female. I am friends with DJs from their early teens to their sixties (maybe even older) on Facebook. I meet DJs of all ages, races and walks of life at trade shows. The only thing they all have in common is that they love DJing! That’s all that matters!

They are successful because they never stop learning, never stop honing their craft, and enjoy giving their guests lasting, memorable entertainment. Because of this they are successful and absolutely love what they do.

And, speaking of female DJs; check out this month’s “Meet the DJ” article of Chicago’s own DJ Shani Barrett. If you were at this past Mobile Beat Las Vegas you might have seen her light up the decks and really rock it at the DJ take over (Man it takes a lot of guts to dJ for DJs). Check out Shani’s article here: http://www.adj-newswave.com/newswave/adj_newsmar15/meet-the-dj-mar2015.htm

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