Portable Pocket Beams!

A powerful LED beam fixture with flexible movement, ADJ’s Inno Pocket Beam Q4 is the ultimate way to produce fast-moving, mid-air effects in a variety of colors, while its portability keeps things compact enough to take on the road.

Bolstering the already strong Inno Pocket range, ADJ’s new Inno Pocket Beam Q4 sits nicely alongside the Inno Pocket Spot, Scan and Roll as a compact, portable moving head fixture that produces sharp, slicing mid-air beam effects.

Powered by a 15W quad-LED source and utilizing a very tight 4-degree beam angle, the Pocket Beam Q4 lets you send concise beams bouncing around the room, creating a mesmeric barrage of color with which to grab the attention of your audience. Equipped with quad-color (RGBA) LEDs, the fixture offers smooth color mixing for a professional result with no shadows and beam color that can be tailored to suit your event or the needs of your clientele.

Whether you’re a mobile DJ, the owner of a club or bar, or a stage performer, the combination of power and color provided by the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 lets you project intense mid-air effects around the stage or onto the dance-floor – perfect when combined with fog or haze to create a party atmosphere at weddings, children’s parties, high school proms and corporate events, or to bring a club dance-floor to life. Stage productions and entertainment complexes, such as roller rinks and bowling centers, can also benefit from the eye-catching effects of the Pocket Beam Q4, with the unit’s 16-bit 540-degre pan and 230-degree tilt enabling smooth, fast, versatile movement that lets vibrant color beams fill the venue.

Like many of the other Pocket fixtures, the Pocket Beam Q4 offers a pan/tilt inversion mode, for when you use multiple linked fixtures running the internal pre-programmed movements in master/slave mode. This mode inverts the effects to create a synchronized, super-professional lightshow that looks incredible when you mount multiple fixtures on either side of your DJ booth or stage. On top of looking highly professional, if you use the fixtures in this position they can also act as audience-facing effects, creating pure lighting excitement by projecting sharp color beams into the crowd.

Color isn’t the only way to grab your audience’s attention, however. The Inno Pocket Beam Q4 is capable of ultra-bright shuddering pulse and strobe effects, at speeds ranging from slow to very fast, so you can really shift the party up a gear when it needs it. If you’re a mobile DJ, strobe and pulse effects can be activated to create an intense, club atmosphere on the dance-floor. For club and bar owners, strobe effects are a must – especially where younger clientele are concerned. These effects are also perfect for use on stage; adding atmosphere and dramatic intensity to your production. Furthermore, with 0-100% dimming, the intensity of the strobe and pulse effects can be decreased or heightened to suit your needs or the requests of your customers.

Keeping things simple but effective, the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 offers you three operational modes – DMX Controlled, Sound Active and Internal Show. With four built-in shows, you can run the unit in Sound Active mode or Internal Show mode all night, moving through mesmeric, varying shows. The pan/tilt inversion can also be activated while in either mode to simply generate impressive choreographed lightshows. For more in-depth control, DMX mode harnesses greater creative potential; with three DMX channel options available – 10, 11, and 13 – you can produce your own customized lightshow and create pure lighting excitement for your audience.

If you opt for the convenience of wireless control, ADJ’s UC IR wireless remote (sold separately) allows you to control the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 from a far; selecting full on/stand by, activating strobe, color change and Sound Active mode, and adjusting dimming. This is ideal if you’re a lighting designer who wants to operate the fixtures from the back of a club, bar or venue, or a DJ who wants the convenience of controlling the units direct from the booth.

Whether you’re a mobile DJ, the owner of a small club or bar, or you run an entertainment complex that caters for younger audiences, the compact power, hypnotic beam effects and versatile qualities of the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 make it perfect for every challenge your work can throw at you. Weighing in at just 7lbs and with dimensions of 6.25 x 5.75 x 10.5in, the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 is lightweight and compact, making it a highly portable solution for DJs and entertainers on the move, and small clubs that require compact but powerful moving head fixtures.

If you want the convenience of owning two Inno Pocket Beam Q4s and a carry bag to transport them in, ADJ also offers the Pocket Beam Pak. This two-in-one package includes two Inno Pocket Beam Q4s and an F4 Par Bag, allowing you to take a pair of versatile Pocket Beam Q4s on the road with you, while keeping them clean and free from damage during transit and storage.

Offering endless creative potential, thanks to 16-bit pan and tilt movement, quad-color mixing and versatile DMX control, the Inno Pocket Beam Q4 is a portable, forward-thinking moving beam fixture that will revolutionize your lightshow, giving you incredible bang for your bucks.

The Inno Pocket Beam Q4 is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the Inno Pocket Beam Q4, visit: http://www.adj.com/inno-pocket-beam-q4

To learn more about the Pocket Beam Pak, visit: http://www.adj.com/pocket-beam-pak

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