Distinct Dual Effects for Less

Building on the success of its rejuvenated, budget-conscious Startec Series, ADJ’s latest release – the Jelly Gressor – is a futuristic new moonflower fixture that provides you with distinctive dual effects from one conveniently compact source.

While the reenergized Startec Series of portable party solutions has already seen the release of the Stinger, Mini Dekker and Starburst, ADJ is now giving you another budget-conscious but brilliant effect to add to your lightshows. The highly portable Jelly Gressor is ADJ’s modern take on the classic moonflower effect, utilizing a tri-color light source, super-wide beam angle and clear plastic casing to create incredible 2-in-1 color-changing effects that bring pure lighting excitement to your events without blowing your budget.

Housing six 1W LEDs (two red, two green, two blue) inside a transparent plastic case, the Jelly Gressor is a unique derby moonflower that lets you create attention-grabbing 2-in1 effects, emitting bright tri-color beams while the glowing case provides an additional color-changing feature. Whether you’re a DJ, venue operator or event organizer, the Jelly Gressor can be used to add pure lighting excitement to a range of occasions. In particular, the fixture complements the retro feel of neon/UV parties and club nights, which are increasingly popular with young clientele across the globe, thanks to its vibrant colors and radiant case. Furthermore, with an immensely wide 140-degree beam angle, you can use the Jelly Gressor to send striking colored beams bounding across large areas to reach every corner of the dance-floor.

With its eye-catching dual effects, wide beam angle and unbeatable portability, the Jelly Gressor is perfect if you’re a mobile DJ, entertainer or small venue operator looking for a low-cost solution that yields big results. What’s more, with no duty cycles and a low power draw (21W) you can keep the fixture cool and run it all night long, having been designed with continuous, long-lasting operation in mind.

Also facilitating the Jelly Gressor’s ability to ‘go all night’ is the simple plug-and-play operation that it provides: the unit’s Sound Active effects incorporate a number of built-in color-change programs that make the moonflower effects jump to the beat of the music while the case continually changes color. Thanks to this highly effective Sound Active mode and the unit’s ability to run continuously, you can focus your attention elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that the Jelly Gressor will provide stunning effects in a range of vibrant colors, all night long.

Lightweight (4 lbs./1.7 kg.) and compact (10.75 x 10.5 x 4.25in / 270x263x107mm), the Jelly Gressor can be easily incorporated into your portable setup, with its compactness allowing you to achieve distinctive, far-reaching effects in limited space, making it perfect for generating energy in small venues, bars and clubs. This is where the unit’s single yoke comes in handy, allowing you to mount the fixture above the dance-floor, stage or bar to create powerful colored beam effects for the crowds and performers below. Meanwhile, the rear safety loop ensures safety for guests and protection over your fixture. For a more extensive lightshow that benefits from the effects of multiple Jelly Gressors, you can conveniently daisy-chain the power supply for up to 17 units at 120V (30 units at 230V), saving you the hassle of extensive wiring and making the setup and teardown of your mobile show a breeze.

Whether you’re a party host, mobile DJ, touring band, venue owner, or you’re responsible for lighting at a youth center or entertainment complex, the Jelly Gressor is an affordable, portable solution that provides versatile dual effects in an array of dazzling colors. Combined with the other unique reworks of industry classics found in the Startec Series, the Jelly Gressor will add far-reaching beams and distinctive glow effects to your lightshow. This means you can create double the pure lighting excitement from one convenient source, without needing to spend big bucks.

The Jelly Gressor is available now from ADJ USA and available in April from ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the Jelly Gressor, visit: http://www.adj.com/jelly-gressor

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