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Tom talks us through the new ELS GO 8BT and ELS GO 15BT speakers from American Audio, exploring how these battery-powered speakers with Bluetooth playback can help you take your audio setup totally wireless, for greater flexibility at an affordable price.

The biggest audio hit at this year’s NAMM and Mobile Beat shows was, undoubtedly, the new ELS GO active speakers from American Audio. Why did they go down so well? I guess because, these days, we’re all looking for more portability, more versatility and yet more ways to improve our events.

Just like ADJ’s lighting solutions offer portability, flexibility and game-changing features, the American Audio range does too. Whether you’re a DJ, event planner, rental house, touring band or production company, I’m pleased to say that our lightweight ELS GO series will provide you with loads of new tools that can help you build your professional audio setup and bring quality sound to small-medium sized venues.

Our first ever rechargeable speakers, the ELS GO 8BT and ELS GO 15BT, give you a choice between running them off the rechargeable battery and operating them like conventional speakers off of wall power. The thing that’s great about using the rechargeable battery is that you can do so without sacrificing quality, so you get the freedom of a battery-powered unit but the sound quality of one plugged in at the wall.

Though ELS GO 8BT and ELS GO 15BT utilize different speaker sizes – housing 8” and 15” woofers, respectively – they do offer much the same features. These include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless playback; inputs for USB and SD; two line inputs; and one microphone input with a built-in echo feature. The ELS GO 15BT is, however, equipped with a graphic equalizer, giving you greater flexibility with tone and more control over feedback.

Due to them being battery powered and capable of Bluetooth playback, the ELS GO speakers work wonders when used as totally wireless solutions. This means you can literally position them anywhere you like – something which proves incredibly useful when you want to bring sound to an area with no power connection. Whether you want to take the party outdoors or setup a dance-floor area inside a marquee, music can be played and speeches and announcements made, without the need for extensive wiring. Those of you who work events – either as DJ, MC, or event organizer – will understand how often clients request a ‘cocktail hour’ outside, and the ELS GO speakers are ideal for bringing music to wherever this is happening. Just make sure the battery is charged, position your speaker(s), connect your laptop, tablet or phone via Bluetooth, or connect a USB or SD card, and hey presto!

You’ll also be aware, I’m sure, of just how popular outdoor wedding ceremonies have become. Though they may be romantic and your happy couple will look great exchanging vows out in the sunshine, these gigs can be a real pain if you’re the one providing amplification. Using the ELS GO speakers, achieving professional outdoor amplification is no hassle at all; no cables, no searching for power outlets, but still offering high-quality sound, whether for music or speech. So, you can have your ELS GO speakers set up within a few minutes, resulting in faster setup and teardown times, giving you more time to focus on any other services – audio or otherwise – that you may be providing.

This is also where the Bluetooth playback comes in handy. If you want to setup your ELS GO speakers outdoors and leave music playing while you tend to setting up in the main room, you can do so using the built-in Bluetooth. I’ve spoken before about the benefits of Bluetooth; not only the freedom it gives you, but the fact that you can be selecting music from your laptop or phone in the main room while your speakers outside play it back.

This is all well and good, I hear you say, but how long will the speakers run on battery power? Well, the ELS GO 8BT provides eight hours of music playback from one single charge, while the ELS GO 15BT provides six. So, charging the batteries the night before a gig or event will ensure that you have enough power to see you through an entire day or night. What’s more, if you do start to run low on charge, you can always find a power outlet and give the speakers a boost when the chance arises.

With such a list of benefits and so many uses, the ELS GO speakers aren’t something you should be shy with; they’re perfect for selling as an add-on prior to your next event. If your clients want a ‘cocktail hour’ or outdoor reception, explain why the ELS GO 8BT and 15BT could really help make their occasion special.

Our ELS GO speakers allow you to get one step closer to a totally wireless audio setup. With rechargeable batteries that offer enough power for up to eight hours constant usage and a capacity for Bluetooth playback, they allow you to place audio wherever you require it, while eradicating the need for extensive wiring. With this in mind, if it’s a versatile, wireless but still powerful audio solution that you require, you may just find that the ELS GO 8BT and ELS GO 15BT hold the answer.

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- Tom Freret is the National Sales Manager of American Audio  

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