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With its powerful hex-color LEDs, rechargeable battery, wireless DMX and IP65 rating, the unbelievably versatile WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP means you can unleash distinctive wash lighting anywhere, anytime, in whatever way you want.

Versatility has always been a key focus for ADJ in designing its ever-expanding range of forward-thinking, affordable products. Epitomizing this flexibility is the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP – a WiFLY-compatible, outdoor-rated, compact wash fixture that can literally go anywhere and do anything, enabling you to create pure lighting excitement no matter what the situation or location.

Boasting a powerful light source consisting of five 10W hex-color LEDs (RGBAW+UV), and a 25-degree beam angle, the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP not only lets you generate wide washes of smoothly mixed color in a range of hues, but also allows you to embellish these washes with UV for truly unique results. What makes the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP the ultimate par can, however, is its capacity for totally wireless operation and outdoor use. Driven by a rechargeable lithium battery, you won’t need to run any power cables, while the built-in WiFLY means you can program and control the fixture using wireless DMX (via the separately sold WiFLY EXR Transceiver or one of ADJ’s new range of WiFLY controllers). Without any cables to run, the sky is the limit; you can position the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP wherever you need to. And, thanks to its IP65 rating, this includes outdoor applications of rain, snow, dust and heat.

    Key Features:
  • Five 10W HEX 6-in-1 LED technology
  • (RGBAW+UV)
  • Battery powered / wireless DMX
  • IP65 outdoor rated with weatherproof connections
  • 2,500 “extended range (EXR)” wireless DMX signal range (with new WiFLY EXR Transceiver)

If you’re a mobile DJ, event organizer or lighting designer, this versatility makes your life infinitely easier. If you have a client who wants lighting outside, you can deliver without having to worry about bad weather or moisture damaging your lights. The same goes if you’re an LD who needs to provide architectural lighting outdoors: you can wash walls and garden features in vibrant color, while the UV adds a special touch that also looks highly effective in the dark. Without any power cables or DMX leads to run, you can also be more flexible with where you position the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP, allowing you to achieve colored lighting in usually hard-to-reach places and offer your clients more lighting options.

The WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP isn’t just ideal for outdoor events, though. You can make the most of totally wireless operation inside a venue too, where you can provide intense, far-reaching color washes from every angle imaginable. This lack of cables also ensures fast setup and teardown times – something you’ll appreciate if you take your lightshow on the road regularly. Adding to its range of features, the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP also harnesses 16 color-change modes, 16 color-fade modes and 64 built-in color macros, letting you select from an array of smooth colors and attention-grabbing effects. So, if you’re an event organizer working with a particular color scheme, you can ensure that the wash lighting matches. Further excitement can be created on the dance-floor using the fixture’s pulse and strobe effects, which will help you to step the party up a gear when the evening reception gets going.

While the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP offers new levels of versatility thanks to an impressive cache of stand-out features, ADJ has made sure you have flexibility when it comes to controlling the fixture too. With six operational modes to choose from – Static Color, Dimmer, Color Change, Color Fade, Auto Run and DMX-Controlled – you can go as in-depth as you like, whether getting super creative using DMX or letting the fixture do the work with its built-in programs. Of course, with five DMX channel modes – 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 – this option gives you the most freedom when producing pure lighting excitement for your guests, while the extended range wireless DMX allows you to control the fixture from up to 2,500ft thanks to its new in-built WiFLY EXR Transceiver.

Weighing in at just 12 lbs. (5.5 kg), you’ll find that the adaptable WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP fits nicely into your mobile setup, while its compact size (12.25” x 11” x 7.5” / 310x280x194mm) ensures that no matter how small the venue you’re working, you can setup the fixture to achieve wide-reaching washes of intense color and potency.

So, no matter what your work involves, the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP takes versatility to a whole new level, letting you deliver immersive color washes and sleek up-lighting just about anywhere, thanks to its powerful hex-color LEDs, wireless DMX control and rechargeable battery. Flexible, affordable and truly game changing, the WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP really is the ultimate par fixture!

The WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP will be available end of April/early May from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

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