September 2014  |  Vol. 8 Issue 9

Twist & Shout

Using moving beams, matrix panels, wash units and fog effects, lighting designer Tom Franken teams up with ADJ to put the heart into Holland’s two-day Castle of Love festival, delivering a high-energy lightshow for some of the world’s hottest dance acts.
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DJ Expo

We found out how ADJ lighting helps Mike Stewart – of Dallas/Fort Worth-based company Vendetta DFW –create his unique and lucrative brand of lighting design.
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Bring Pure Lighting Excitement To Your Stage Set
Is your stage set as eye-catching and professional-looking as it could be? Alfred covers all angles – including layout, lighting, truss, scrim and the new ADJ Mobile DJ Façade – as he offers some sound advice on making the most of the stage.
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Holidays for Hire
This month, Tom implores you to think ahead to the holidays and consider hiring out your audio equipment. Need some extra income this Halloween or Christmas? With some smart simple decisions and basic equipment you could be in for a Merry Christmas indeed!
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My BPM/PRO Show Experience

This month, Brian tells his tale of visiting the BPM/PRO Show in Birmingham, UK. With the new “PRO” format of the show, Brian talks about what he like about visiting England, the BPM show and what lighting effects made the most impact to UK DJs and deisgners. Click here to learn more!

  Meet The DJ

DJ Day-na

Ohio-based DJ Day-na started out partying on the dance-floor before finally being bitten by the DJing bug when she got behind the decks while at college. And she hasn’t looked back since. The ‘Phoebe’ look-alike talks Caribbean cruises, Motown remixes and meeting Lisa Kudrow, as we meet the DJ!
Meet DJ Day-na


New Products

New Products

Pocket Power
Are the Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll the ultimate portable solutions to pure lighting excitement? Discover why their compact size, rapid movement and DMX control make them the perfect addition to any small or mobile setup.
Put power in your pocket

New Products

Flex A Little 5P HEX
With its unique design, 6-IN-1 HEX LEDs offering an array of colors + UV, and DMX capabilities, the 5P HEX offers vibrant washes and effective up-lighting, making it one of the most versatile Pars around. But how could you make the most of it?
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New Products

The Retro Roto!
Recreating the old-school Helicopter effects of yesteryear, the Roto Beam 4 in an all-in-one LED helicopter fixture with a retro twist! With four jelly heads, 360-degree rotation and a sleek white exterior, this smart new effect is the perfect blend of old-school and new!
Experience a blast from the past

New Products

Maximum Pinspot Potential
Boundless possibilities, awarded by the flexibility of DMX, are what sets the Pinspot LED Quad DMX apart. Building on the quad-color LED technology and wireless control of its predecessor, this versatile new fixture is the essential pin spot solution.
Will you utilize the potential?


Video Corner

Las Vegas DJ Show Recap

Video Corner

Time-Lapse Video: BPM & PRO 2014

Intercut with footage of visitors and exhibitors, in this video Jose Heredia takes us on a tour of the ADJ Booth at the Las Vegas DJ Show 2014 in Nevada. As well as Jose offering in-depth summaries of ADJ products like the Inno Pocket Scan/Roll, Rotobeam 4, Monster Quad and Fog Fury Faze, we also get a sneaky peak at some footage from the ADJ Live Learning sessions and the chance to hear from eager ADJ customers about some upcoming products! In this slick time-lapse video from ADJ, we get to see the set-up of the ADJ and Elation booths at BPM & PRO 2014 in Birmingham, UK, from start to finish. See it all come together: firstly the truss and drapes, then the ADJ and Elation branding, and finally the huge arsenal of ADJ and Elation lighting fixtures! Oh, and let’s not forget the ‘Ice Ice Baby!’ stand, which provided free ice cream, courtesy of ADJ, for the duration of the show!

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